Competition Authority Breakfast Briefing – 2nd October 2014

Do you know what competition law is about?
Does your business comply with the law?
Do you know how to ensure that your business does not become victim to anti-competitive behaviour by others, including competitors and suppliers?

Enterprise Europe Network Sligo in association with the Competition Authority would like to Invite you to a Breakfast Briefing on
Date: 02 October 2014
Time: 07:30-9:00am
Venue: The Clarion Hotel, Sligo (Light Breakfast Served)
RSVP: 30th September at or Tel: 071 9161274
Competition Authority Overview
Competition benefits everyone – businesses, consumers and the economy as a whole. It encourages businesses to compete for customers. Buyers of goods and services – both individual shoppers and businesses – benefit from paying less and having more choice and better quality. Competition results in open, dynamic markets, with increased productivity, innovation and better value. It allows people like you to start up new businesses and to thrive.
The Competition Authority wants to help you understand what your business needs to know about competition; how to stay on the right side of competition law, how to protect your business from anti-competitive behaviour by others, how to spot when others are engaging in anti-competitive behaviour and what you can do if you suspect it.
The Competition Authority is the state body responsible for enforcing Irish and European competition law in Ireland. It will be amalgamated with the National Consumer Agency on 31 October 2014 to form the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. The new body will serve the needs of consumers in Ireland by creating a new organisation with robust powers in the enforcement of both competition and consumer law.