EirGrid – Shaping our Electricity Future

Electricity will increasingly be used for more reasons, like transport and heating. To prepare for this future, Ireland must make the grid ready so that at least 70% of Ireland’s electricity can come from renewable sources by 2030. The 70% target is a step towards the ultimate goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To prepare for this, EirGrid must make the electricity grid stronger and more flexible. The grid will need to carry more power, and most of this power will come from renewable generation that varies depending on the weather. Given the scale of change, Ireland will need to plan for a great deal of new grid infrastructure. 

We want to hear your thoughts on four draft approaches, so we can agree on an approach to reach the 2030 targets.

There are 4 approaches which EirGrid will outline in further detail; 

Approach 1: Generation-Led – Plan for electricity generation at the most suitable locations

Approach 2: Developer-Led – Continue to develop the grid on a project-by-project basis in any location

Approach 3: Technology-Led – Change the technology used for the grid infrastructure

Approach 4: Demand-Led: The location of large energy users is decided by government policy