Following the Numbers

In this week’s article we take a different approach and through the medium of following the numbers, we learn of interesting facts relating to the activities of Sligo Chamber in its early years from the formation of the Chamber in 1923 up to 1935.

  • 57 Names respond to the Circular sent out by Mr. A.C. Cook and Mr. R.S. Gorman on the 5th of December 1922 confirming their interest in the establishment of a Chamber of Commerce in Sligo.
D.M. Hanley
  • £2.2s.0d is the subscription proposed by Mr. D.M. Hanley, Seconded by Mr. W.J. Dolan and approved for the first year of Sligo Chamber ending the 31st of December 1923.
  • 5 other Chambers of Commerce are in existence in the principal urban centres of the Irish Free state at the time of the formation of Sligo Chamber, those being Cork Incorporated Chamber of Commerce and Shipping; Dublin Chamber of Commerce; Drogheda Chamber of Commerce; Limerick Chamber of Commerce and Waterford Chamber of Commerce.
  • 11.30 am, the time on the morning of Monday 15th of January 1923 that the first General Meeting of Sligo Chamber of Commerce is held in the Café Cairo, Wine Street, Sligo.
  • 12 miles, the radius of the surrounding district to Sligo within which it is decided in 1923 under Bye-Law No. 3 of the Bye-Laws and Arbitration Laws to confine Membership to persons interested in the trade and commerce of Sligo.
  • 19 votes are received by Mr. D. M. Hanley in the election by ballot for the first Committee of Sligo Chamber for the year ending the 31st of December 1923, the highest number of votes of the nine Committee members elected.
Lyons Dining Room (Sligo Warehouse)
  • 2.55pm, the time of departure in July 1923 of the outward day mail train to Dublin and which does not give sufficient time for same day replies to be sent as letters are only delivered in Sligo between 1 and 2pm.
  • 13, the Clause in the Articles of Association under which the First Statutory Meeting of the Sligo Chamber of Commerce (Incorporated) is held in the Dining Room of the Sligo Warehouse on the 21st of September 1923, confirmation having been received from Messrs. Fenton & Lyons, Solicitors, showing that the Chamber was Registered as a Company on the 25th of July.
All Train Lines at Sligo Station
  • 3, the Number of Railway Companies operating in Sligo at the date of formation of Sligo Chamber in 1923; The Great Southern & Western Railway Company operating the train service from Sligo to Claremorris and on to Athenry; the Midland Great Western Railway Company operating the service to Longford and on to Dublin; and the Sligo Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway Company operating the line to Manorhamilton and Enniskillen.
  • 4 letters were received from the National Bank Ltd.; Ulster Bank Ltd.; Bank of Ireland and the Belfast Banking Company Ltd., notifying their desire to become original members of the Chamber.  After a poll was taken which resulted in a tie between the National and Belfast Banks, it is decided by lot that the National Bank be appointed Treasurer of Sligo Chamber.  The National Bank holds this role from 1923 to 1st of July 1928 when it is decided to rotate the position on a three-year basis, the Ulster Bank serving as Treasurer until the 1st of July 1931 followed by the Hibernian Bank until the 1st of July 1934.
  • £8.15s.0d, the credit balance on hand at the end of 1924, all liabilities having been paid and certified in the Auditors Certificate and Statement of Accounts.  Mr. J. Blennerhasset and Mr. J. Foxhall are appointed Honorary Auditors for the year 1925.
  • 10 guineas or £10.10s.0d, the reduced annual subscription accepted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce of the Irish Free State, (now Chambers Ireland), for the year ending the 31st of March 1926.  Sligo Chamber agrees to join, the original subscription requested having been £21.
J.A. McLoghry
  • £40 pounds per annum, the renumeration decided to be paid to the Secretary, J.A. McLoghry from the 1st of January 1925.  Subsequent meetings show that Secretary McLoghry was paid on a quarterly basis at the rate of £10.0s.0d per quarter. Expenses for stamps and for trips to Dublin were paid in addition to the salary.
  • £9,000 pounds is invested in 1925 on the three new corridor carriages to add to the rolling stock of the Sligo Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway Company, an investment considered most satisfactory by Sligo Chamber.
  • 33 1/3% is the new Customs Duty in 1926 on all furniture imported into the Irish Free State. Sligo Chamber passes a Resolution that the tariff constitutes a hardship on all classes of the public.  Copies of the Resolution are sent to the Minister of Finance, Ernest Blythe T.D., to Major Bryan Cooper T.D., and to the local T.Ds.
  • 74313, the reference number of the cheque signed for £4.0s.0d in respect of income tax due on the Chamber Accounts for the year ended the 31st of December 1925.
  • 1st female member of Sligo Chamber, Miss Foley of Messrs. Foley and Company was elected a member of the Chamber on the Resolution, moved by F. Nally, Vice-President, seconded by J. Noone and passed unanimously on the 9th of March 1933.
One Guinea Note
  • 1 guinea (£1.1s.0d), is agreed in 1933 to be paid by Sligo Chamber as the annual subscription to the Irish Tourist Association to promote Sligo.  However, the Secretary, J.A. McLoghry notes the Irish Tourist Association’s full-page article in the “Irish Times” in May 1933 promotes the attractions of nearly every Seaside and Holiday Resort in the Irish Free State except Sligo.  It was decided to protest very strongly against the way Sligo has been treated in the article and ask for an explanation.

              The full-page article appeared in the “Irish Times” on the 22nd of May, on this day of this week     in 1933.

Researched and written by Conor McCarthy

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