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ViriiQuip is an environmental and virus protection solutions company that is working to defeat airborne transmission of Covid-19.

At ViriiQuip, we are leaders in the fight against Covid-19 by helping protect many industries from airborne viruses through our innovative products.

The Webasto Filtration System is specifically designed to filter the air in passenger transport vehicles, removing 99.995% of virus particles including Covid-19 and effectively reducing the risk of infection for drivers and passengers.

Learn more about the Webasto Air Filtration System

The TAC V+ Air Purifier and the TES 200 Thermal Disinfector are designed to remove 99.995% of micro droplets and aerosols that carry harmful viruses such as Covid-19 and influenza, and they also filter dust particles that can prove harmful to those with breathing difficulties.

Learn more about the TAC V+ Air Purifier and the TES 200 Thermal Disinfector.

We have created a robust supply and distribution service to be able to deliver PPE which can help reduce the risk of the transmission of infections to those that work in the care and medical sector, as well as the general public.

Our team is comprised of medical product specialists who select only the best PPE available, and our strong relationships with suppliers and industry professionals enables us to supply and distribute high-quality PPE products at competitive prices.

All of our products are sourced from reputable producers and manufacturers that have been approved by the FDA and CDC and adhere to the European and British standards.

With so many poor quality and counterfeit products available in the market, our main priority is the quality of our products and ensuring that we always sell items that have been tested and approved by reliable and reputable sources authorised by the European Commission.

All of our products are inspected and tested by one of three globally recognised businesses with a wealth of knowledge of quality and industry standards, these are:

Click here for more information on how we measure and qualify quality assurance.

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