National Rate Valuation, Sligo – Important Meeting

We have been in contact with the Office of the Commissioner of Valuation who are currently conducting a National Revaluation Programme. As part of that process a revaluation is being  rolled out to a number of rating authority areas, including County Sligo. The Office has already entered into the statutory consultation process with Sligo County Council and the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government.  It is the intention of the Commissioner of Valuation to sign a Valuation Order for the Sligo County Council rating authority area in early November.
As it will affect every ratepayer in the area and the majority of our members, the Office of the Commissioner of Valuation will brief our members on the Revaluation process and how it will affect them over the next two years culminating in a new valuation list coming into effect for rates purposes in 2018.
This briefing is to take place on Wednesday 4th November at 6.30pm in The Glasshouse Hotel.
The signing of the Valuation Order is likely to be on the 11th November which will be accompanied by a publicity/awareness campaign and the Valuation Office communicating with every ratepayer by post.