Public Meeting, Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sligo Chamber of Commerce is issuing an open invitation to an important public meeting, where all interested parties will be invited to debate the many issues around the development of Sligo town, as well as the the day-today activities and aims of the Chamber.
The Chamber welcomes the chance to engage and come together with all interested parties in contributing to a constructive and frank conversation about Sligo’s future.
We intend to facilitate this open public discussion called ‘Moving Sligo Forward’ at 7pm on Wednesday, June 24 at the Sligo Park Hotel.
We stress that everyone is welcome to attend including members of the public, local politicians, public officials and community leaders.
Chamber President David Kiely and Chamber Chief Executive Paul Keyes will be present to engage and answer any questions.
In a spirit of transparency, we are planning to invite an independent moderator to chair the meeting to give the widest number of people an opportunity to contribute.