Do you have video of Sligo in the rare old times?

Do you have video of Sligo in the rare old times? We’re looking for people to share archive video footage to mark our centenary!

Sligo Chamber will mark its centenary next year and to celebrate, we’re commissioning a special commemorative video to celebrate Sligo and the last 100 years.

Do you or a relative have archive video footage or old film that captures any aspect of life in Sligo? If so, please contact us on 071 916 1274 or email  and we will arrange to view the video.

We are particularly interested in any footage from the 1920s through to the 1960s.

The video will showcase life in Sligo but recall scenes which showcase life in days gone by in Sligo town and its surrounds.

We’re very excited about centenary and we will be marking this major milsetone with a series of events in a year-long celebration throughout 2023, including one in what was then known as Lyons’s Dining Room – the setting for the first official Sligo Chamber meeting in 1923.

As part of the commemoration, our website will publish fortnightly articles by Conor McCarthy, Chair of the 2023 Centenary Committee, drawn from the meticulous records the Chamber kept over the last 100 years since it first met on January 15th, 1923.

Sligo Chamber CEO Aidan Doyle said: “We are asking people who think they might have any old footage from days gone by in Sligo to contact us. We are particularly interested in video footage from the period between the 1920s to the 1960s. The more authentic the footage we get, the better the final video will be in conveying a sense of Sligo over the 100 years since the foundation of Sligo Chamber.”