Sligo Chamber welcomes the establishment of the Atlantic Economic Corridor

Sligo Chamber of Commerce has today welcomed the establishment of the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC), an initiative of the Chambers of Commerce of Limerick, Shannon, Ennis, Galway, Roscommon, Mayo, Sligo and the American Chamber of Commerce.
Representing 73,500 employees and 2,250 businesses along the West coast of Ireland, the AEC seeks to create a “City of Scale” from Limerick, through Galway to Sligo to match Dublin and Cork in developing infrastructure, attracting domestic and international investment and growing employment and wealth in vibrant western communities.
Speaking of the announcement, Paul Keyes, CEO of Sligo Chamber said “We have been working with our partner Chambers on this initiative since November 2013. There is stark evidence available to support our contention that the economic development of the western region of Ireland will only be achieved through the co-creation of a long term economic strategy demanding the following:

  • A change to an inclusive and collaborative behaviour, from all relevant parties, both public and private, absorbing the entire talent, expertise, commitment and resources of business, community and the public organisations tasked to lead and support economic development.
  • A change in public organisation culture where all decision making is open, informed and enabled by those that drive economic development and the growth of employment.
  • A change in national strategy and thinking such that the allocation of investment and resources are based on longer-term economic opportunity.”

The AEC has set out its regional investment strategy AEC Regional Economic Strategy and has been encouraged by the level of support for the initiative from a range of public institutions yet much more needs to be achieved in the months, years and decades ahead.