Sunday Car Parking

Today (Mon 27th Apr) I sat in on the meeting of Sligo Municipal District at City Hall. Agenda Item No 5 was “To consider Sligo County Council’s 2015 Draft Parking Places and Car Park Byelaws”. Amongst the proposed changes in the Byelaws is a provision for free parking in Sligo on a Sunday. In order to offset the revenue impact of this, it is also proposed to increase the daily parking rate in a selected number of car parks from €2.50 to €3.00.
The full details of the proposed changes are to be put up for public consultation. It was very encouraging to listen to our public representatives from all parties and none advocate strongly for free parking on a Sunday, highlighting the positive impact that it would have on the commercial life of our town. Equally, it was very encouraging to listen to detailed proposals from our Council executive responding to the previous motions of our elected representatives whilst also responsibly trying to minimise the impact that this will have on our Council’s finances.
Members of the public will have the opportunity to consider the proposals and to submit comments and observations on them. It is very important that we as a community engage fully in this process. The issue of Sunday parking in Sligo has been in discussion for years. Now we have the opportunity to contribute positively through the democratic process on an issue that will impact on the commercial life of our Town.
More importantly however, we can again see at first-hand how working together with our Council at both a political and executive level can bring positive change for Sligo. There is much more to be done but the signs are that people are listening and taking effective action. Long may this develop and continue.